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What Do We Offer

WEB Development

ITcenter offers you an opportunity to define your business and to increase the number of customers through websites. The websites will be designed to meet all your requirements. We also offer services like updating and editing your own websites.


Seo (search engine optimization) will improve the visibility of your website in search engines. You will get much more customers than expected. With our help your website will acquire highest positions in the search engine results on Google and Yandex


IT Center offers application design and development services for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Our services also include updating and enhancing of any existing program. Our professionals will create and support the project you need.

3D Moddeling and Animation

We carry out any size of complex projects providing with the most suitable 3D modelling solutions, such as character modelling etc. We will help you to realize your ideas by offering the most exciting, bright and creative solutions. Our services include preparing your 3d model for animation-rigging, skinning etc, rigging and animation for gaming.